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Kitchen Cleaning Wipes

Introduction Factory supply custom logo OEM household multi-function various fragrance types various pcs Kitchen Cleaning Wipes wash-free Range hood cleaning, kitchen utensils cleaning, kitchen counter cleaning, tableware cleaning Kitchen Grease Cleaner
Minimum Order Quantity  5000 bags
OEM order 1 container
Sample collection  free
Factory staff 233
Description Kitchen Cleaning Wipes
Function  Kitchen Grease Cleaner
Specification  20pcs 30pcs 40pcs 50pcs 60pcs 80pcs 100pcs
Fragrance  tasteless or fragrant
Technology  plain weave, pearl weave,mesh
Usage Open the wet wipes seal, wipe the oily surface,Range hood cleaning, kitchen utensils cleaning, kitchen counter cleaning, tableware cleaning
Port  Qingdao
Duration of payment T/T, L/C,D/P,Western Union
Capacity  according to bags 100,0000 per month
Active ingredient content Surface active agent Spunlace nonwoven fabric
Brand  haicheng health
Dosage form Solid containing Liquid
Certification  GMP/ISO/MSDS/SGS
OEM/ODM acceptable
Main target buyers  supermarkets, hotels, e-commerce, trading companies, etc
Packing details bag bucket Carton
Shelf life 2 years
Note  for external use only, no oral use.
Storage conditions  keep in a cool, dry place.
Delivery time 5000-50000 bags 15 days
  bags over 50001 negotiated


Introduction:kitchen cleaning wipes is a wash - free and very easy to use kitchen cleaning supplies.It contains high quality surfactants and oil removal factors, which can quickly and thoroughly clean the kitchen oil stains, such as the cleaning of the lampblack machine, gas stove cleaning, table cleaning, tableware cleaning, cleaning of the kitchen countertop. Do not hurt the hand formula, after wiping, clean and light without traces. Plant fragrance type, grams of cloth pieces and thickness, the size of cloth pieces, the number of cloth pieces, customers can choose their own choice. 1pcs 10pcs 20pcs 30pcs 40pcs 50pcs 60pcs 80pcs 100pcs,Because we have a number of fully automatic wipes packaging production line, from 1 to multiple pieces, from bags to barrels, can be produced. Our factory has professional production engineers that can debug different equipment to produce different types of kitchen wipes products. We have a very strict quality inspection team, from the raw materials into the factory, to the product factory, has a strict quality management system. The quality engineer in the workshop is responsible for quality inspection of the production process and the laboratory for sampling of raw materials and finished products. Ensure that the raw and finished materials of each batch are qualified. The internal and outer packaging purchased by our factory are consistent to international standards and sealed during transportation. After 17 years of development, Our factory has obtained the production qualification of kitchen wipes and international certification and third party testing reports, the products comply with international laws and regulations.Our factory has a professional foreign trade team and dedicated customs clearance salesman, can be smoothly in accordance with international requirements. Our products have been exported to Japan, Hong Kong, Europe and Southeast Asia and have cooperated with national clients.Our factory also has a 24 - hour online after - sales staff, which can solve the customer's after - sales problems in time. According to the customized products required by the customer, our factory requires the customer to advance the deposit and settle the balance with the bill of lading to ensure the interests of both parties.

Load Quantity


Item Name



1 Kitchen Cleaning Wipes 20pcs/bag 5bags/box,20boxes/carton,1100cases/40 HQ
2 Kitchen Cleaning Wipes 30pcs/bag 5bags/box,20boxes/carton,850cases/40 HQ
3 Kitchen Cleaning Wipes 40pcs/bag 50bags/carton,1700cases/40 HQ
4 Kitchen Cleaning Wipes 50pcs/bag 40bags/carton,1750cases/40 HQ
5 Kitchen Cleaning Wipes 60pcs/bag 30bags/carton,1800cases/40 HQ
6 Kitchen Cleaning Wipes 80pcs/bag 25bags/carton,1700cases/40 HQ
7 Kitchen Cleaning Wipes 100pcs/bag 20bags/carton,1500cases/40 HQ
8 Kitchen Cleaning Wipes 100pcs/bucket 20buckets/carton,1350cases/40 HQ

Application scene: Range hood cleaning, kitchen utensils cleaning, kitchen counter cleaning, tableware cleaning Kitchen Grease Cleaner

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